Archaeological Site in Samothraki

Sanctuary of the Great Gods

About 6km northeast of Kamariotissa, the Sanctuary of the Great Gods is one of Greece’s most mysterious archaeological sites. The Thracians built this temple to their fertility deities around 1000 BC. By the 5th cen…
Castle in Hora (Samothraki)


Freshly converted into a fully fledged tourist sight complete with helpful English-language signs, the picturesque castle was built in 1431–33 by Genovese noble Palamede Gattilusio, who received the island in exchan…
Waterfall in Loutra

Paradeisos Waterfalls

About 500m past Kafeneion Ta Therma, a lush wooded path (100m) leads to a series of rock pools and waterfalls, the most impressive being 30m in height. This is gorgeous, Lord of the Rings–like terrain, where gnarled…