Samaria Gorge in detail

Flights & getting there

Most people hike Samaria one way, going north–south on a day trip that can be arranged from every sizeable town and resort in Crete. Confirm whether tour prices include gorge admission (€5) and the boat ride from Agia Roumeli to Sougia or Hora Sfakion.

With some planning, it’s possible to do the trek on your own. There are early-morning public buses to Omalos from Hania (€7.50, one hour), Sougia (€5.30, one hour) and Paleohora (€7, one hour), once or twice daily in high season. Check for the schedule, which changes seasonally. Taxis are another option.

At the end of the trail, in Agia Roumeli, ferries operated by Anendyk depart for Sougia (€11) and Hora Sfakion (€12.50) at 5.30pm and take 40 minutes. These are usually met by public buses back to Hania from Hora Sfakion at 6.30pm and Sougia at 6.15pm; some buses from Sougia go to Omalos.