Bicycles are available for rent from Margaritis in the New Town.


The quay at Mandraki Harbour is lined with excursion boats offering day trips to east-coast towns and beaches, including Faliraki and Lindos, and also to the island of Symi.

Several islands can be visited as day trips on Dodekanisos Seaways catamarans, departing from the Commercial Harbour. These include Symi and Kos (both daily), Halki and Tilos (both twice weekly), and Kastellorizo (once weekly).


Two bus terminals, a block apart in Rhodes Town, serve half the island each. There is regular transport across the island all week, with fewer services on Saturday and only a few on Sunday. Pick up schedules from the kiosks at either terminal, or from the EOT (Greek National Tourist Organisation) office.

The Eastern Bus Terminal has frequent services to the airport (€2.40), Kalithea Thermi (€2.20), Salakos (€4.30), Ancient Kamiros (€5.20) and Monolithos (€5.20). From the Western Bus Terminal there are services to Faliraki (€2.40), Tsambika Beach (€3.90), Stegna Beach (€4.40) and Lindos (€5.20).

In Rhodes Town, local buses leave from the urban bus stop on Mandraki Harbour. Bus 11 makes a circuit around the coast, up past the aquarium and on to the Acropolis. Bus 2 goes to Analipsi, bus 3 to Rodini, bus 4 to Agios Dimitrios and bus 5 to the Acropolis. Buy tickets on-board.

Car & Motorcycle

All the major car-rental chains are represented at Rhodes airport, and plenty more car- and motorcycle-rental outlets are scattered throughout Rhodes Town and the resorts. Competition is fierce, so shop around. Several agencies will deliver vehicles to renters.

Drive Rent A Car Sturdier, newer scooters and cars.

Margaritis Reliable cars, scooters and bicycles in the New Town.

Orion Rent a Car A wide range of small and luxury cars.


Rhodes Town’s main taxi rank is east of Plateia Rimini, on the northern edge of the Old Town. There are two zones on the island for taxi meters: zone one is Rhodes Town and zone two (for which rates are slightly higher) is everywhere else. Rates double between midnight and 5am. Set taxi fares are posted at the rank.

You can also phone for a taxi or disabled-accessible taxi.

Note that taxis cannot access most locations in the largely pedestrianised Old Town; expect to be dropped at the gate nearest your destination. A few upscale hotels have golf buggies to pick you up in.