Top Choice Museum in Rhodes Town

Archaeological Museum

By far the best museum in the Dodecanese, spreading through the 15th-century Knights' Hospital and out into its beautiful and surprisingly wild gardens. Room after room holds magnificently preserved ancient treasure…
Gallery in Rhodes Town

Modern Greek Art Museum

The main gallery of the Modern Greek Art Museum, near the New Town’s northern tip, holds paintings, engravings and sculptures by Greek artists including Gaitis Giannis, Vasiliou Spiros and Katraki Vaso. Its three ot…
Library in Rhodes Town

Muslim Library

After the Ottomans captured Rhodes in 1522, the Old Town acquired a considerable crop of Muslim monuments, with many churches being converted to mosques. Sadly, this peaceful little library, founded in 1794, is the …
Historic Site in Rhodes Town

Street of the Knights

Austere and uncommercialised, the Street of the Knights (Ippoton, in Greek) was home from the 14th century to the Knights Hospitaller who ruled Rhodes. They were divided by birthplace into seven ‘tongues’, or langua…
Museum in Rhodes Town

Jewish Synagogue Museum

During the 1920s, the Old Town's Jewish Quarter was home to a thriving Jewish community of around 4000 people. Tragically, 1673 Rhodian Jews were deported to Auschwitz in 1944 and it's now a time-forgotten neighbour…
Historic Building in Rhodes Town

Palace of the Grand Master

From the outside, the magnificent Palace of the Grand Master looks much as it did when erected by the Knights Hospitaller during the 14th century. During the 19th century, however, it was devastated by an explosion,…
Archaeological Site in Rhodes Town

Acropolis of Rhodes

The site of the ancient Hellenistic city of Rhodes, now known as the Acropolis of Rhodes, stretches up the slopes of Monte Smith, 2km southwest of the Old Town. Restored structures include a tree-lined stadium from …
Aquarium in Rhodes Town

Rhodes Aquarium

The New Town’s modest aquarium is housed in an art deco building that was constructed by the Italians in the 1930s as a biological research station. While it doesn't have the large tanks you might expect, it’s not b…
Mosque in Rhodes Town

Mosque of Süleyman

The hora (main town on island) bears many legacies of its Ottoman past. During Turkish times churches were converted to mosques, and many more Muslim houses of worship were built from scratch, although most are now …
Gallery in Rhodes Town

Art Gallery

The original Old Town site of the Museum of Modern Greek Art, which opened in 1964, and currently holds a reconstruction of its initial exhibition.