Rethymno Province in detail


Worth a Trip: Maroulas

Make the 10km drive southeast of Rethymno to Maroulas, a pretty, higgledy-piggledy village with panoramic sea views. The protected town has a mix of nicely restored late Venetian and Turkish architecture, including 10 olive presses and a 44m tower jutting above the village.

Marianna's Workshop Just up from the main square you’ll find this tiny shop run by Marianna Founti-Vassi, who collects aromatic medicinal herbs from the mountains to make her unique range of teas and oils from natural extracts using traditional methods. There are potions for all manner of ailments, including a tea made from 40 herbs once used by midwives.

Taverna Fantastiko Head up the hill to this traditional taverna that lives up to its name with fantastic, all-encompassing views of the countryside from its expansive terrace. Most dishes are made from scratch, using produce sourced from its farm. Don't miss the charcoal-grilled meats, homemade cheeses (mixed plate €6.80) or sheep's-milk ice cream.

Katerina Report for a traditional lunch at Katerina, an outdoor taverna with sublime sea views, and an owner who's a bona fide character. It’s located down a small lane beyond the Venetian tower.

Zamaros At the main square down from the Orthodox church is this small cheesemaker known mostly for its homemade halloumi and graviera. Everything's made on-site and available for tasting. In summer visit also for homemade ice cream and chocolate-filled cheeses.