Top Choice Historic Site in The Hinterland & Mt Psiloritis

Moni Arkadiou

The Arkadi Monastery, in the hills some 23km southeast of Rethymno, has deep significance for Cretans. As the site where hundreds of cornered locals massacred both themselves and invading Turks, it’s a stark and pot…
Top Choice Fortress in Rethymno


Looming over Rethymno, this Venetian fortress cuts an impressive figure with its massive walls and imposing bastions. Built in the 1570s as a reaction to pirate raids and the threat of invasion, it was still unable …
Top Choice Cemetery in Armeni

Cemetery of Armeni

Wandering through this beautiful oak forest is both eerie and fascinating. Some 231 tombs were carved into the rock between 1300 and 1150 BC and their long, sunken corridors and damp chambers are open for you to exp…
Museum in Rethymno

Archaeological Museum

In a Turkish-era building that served as a prison until the 1960s, this small museum showcases treasures from neolithic to Roman times, including bronze tools, Mycenaean figurines, Roman oil lamps and a 1st century …
Museum in Rethymno

Historical & Folk Art Museum

In a lovely 17th-century mansion, this five-room exhibit documents traditional rural life with a collection spanning from clothing to baskets, weavings to farm tools. Labelling is also in English.
Historic Building in Rethymno


This well-preserved 16th-century landmark originally served as a meeting house for Venetian nobility to discuss politics and money. Converted into a mosque complete with minaret during the Turkish era, it now houses…
Observatory in Mt Psiloritis

Skinakas Observatory

Skinakas Observatory is Greece’s most significant stargazing vantage point. The observatory opens to the public once a month during the full moon from May to September, between 5pm and 11pm (English-speaking guides …
Monastery in Preveli

Moni Preveli

The historic Moni Preveli stands in splendid isolation high above the Libyan Sea. Like most Cretan monasteries, it was a centre of anti-Ottoman resistance and was burned by the Turks during the 1866 onslaught. Insid…
Art Gallery in Rethymno

Museum of Contemporary Art

Near the fortress, this gallery exhibits well-known and upcoming local and international artists. The permanent collection showcases the oils, drawings and watercolours of local lad Lefteris Kanakakis, as well as mo…
Museum in Rethymno

Paleontological Museum

Dwarf Cretan elephants and hippopotami aren’t likely to start a ticket stampede, but it’s well worth swinging by this museum for its setting in the restored 17th-century Temple of Mastaba (aka Veli Pasha Mosque). Ni…