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Cave in Psyhro

Dikteon Cave

According to legend, Rhea hid in this cave to give birth to Zeus, far from the clutches of his offspring-gobbling father Cronos. A slick and vertiginous staircase corkscrews into the damp dark, passing overhanging s…
Cretan in Psyhro


Long-established Stavros, flanked by geranium pots and propped up by old timers, is eye-catching, with alfresco seating and a menu spanning salads, pasta, souvlaki and locally sourced veg. It’s located on the main r…
Greek in Psyhro

Petros Taverna

Hearty Greek fare is what you’ll find at this longstanding restaurant at the foot of the steps to the cave. Ask here about walks in the area, including the long hike up to the summit of Mt Dikti.