Preveza in detail

Flights & getting there

An underwater tunnel (vehicles €3) links Preveza with Aktion. Cyclists and pedestrians can be transported through for free.


Preveza Airport, also known as Lefkada or Aktion, is a summer-only airport for European airlines and charters, as well as domestic flights to Athens (with Aegean) and to Crete, Kefalonia and Zakynthos (with Sky Express). A taxi to/from Preveza costs about €25; the bus costs €1.80.


Preveza bus station, 2km north of the centre, serves Arta (€5.60, one hour, twice daily on weekdays), Athens (€40, 5½ hours, five daily), Igoumenitsa (€10.60, 2½ hours, one daily), Ioannina (€10.40, two hours, six daily on weekdays, four on weekends, more in summer), Lefkada (€2.80, 45 minutes, six daily, two on Sunday), Parga (€7.10, two hours, three daily, more in summer) and Thessaloniki (€39.50, five hours, two daily).