Caïques go to beaches around the island during summer.


A bus (€3) operates mid-June to October every hour from 7am until midnight on a route that starts next to the kiosk at the eastern end of Plateia Iroön. It crosses to Kalavria and goes east along the south coast for ten minutes as far as Moni Zoödohou Pigis, then turns around and heads west to Neorion Beach (15 minutes). Buy tickets from the kiosk.

Motorcycle & Bicycle

Several places on the road to Kalavria rent out bicycles, scooters and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs; per day from €6/20/30).

Moto Fotis Rents bicycles, motorbikes and ATVs.

Moto Stelios Rents ATVs, scooters and bicycles in Poros harbour and Askeli beach.


Taxi Standard taxi fares are posted at the main stand on the quay.