Athens & Around

Ancient Ruins



Architectural Relics

For many, the Acropolis is the pinnacle of Western civilisation and their Greek holiday. The capital and surrounding region are littered with many other ruins to explore; watch a traditional Greek drama unfold at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, visit the Ancient Agora in the city's heart or head out to the dramatic Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion.

Bars & Clubs

This city refuses to snooze, with glamorous beachside clubs where thousands dance to international DJs, intimate rembetika clubs where you can soak up Greek blues and ouzo, and everything in between.

Ancient Treasures

Step into the Benaki Museum, filled with Bronze Age finds, works by El Greco and regional costumes. Explore the expansive collection at the Byzantine & Christian Museum and the floors of antiquities at the National Archaeological Museum. And don’t miss the ultramodern Acropolis Museum housing long-lost treasures.


Ancient Ruins




The Peloponnese is packed with inspiring ancient sites. Visit the sanctuary of Ancient Olympia, explore the citadels of Mycenae and Tiryns, or take in a show at the Theatre of Epidavros.


From Byzantine cities to Venetian fortresses, this region is peppered with architectural gems. Cross the causeway to magical Monemvasia kastro (fort) or explore the Mani's tower houses from the 17th century.

Hiking Trails

The Mani, the peninsula’s rugged and remote southern region, is a popular place to amble, with mountains tumbling down to gorgeous coastal views. Northwest of here, hike through the Lousios Gorge to find charming village monasteries.

Central Greece

Ancient Sites



Delphi & Meteora

Resting on the slopes of Mt Parnassos with views of the Gulf of Corinth, the sanctuary of Delphi has an almost magnetic pull and an atmosphere of awe. Nearby, Meteora’s monasteries sit defiantly atop towering pinnacles of rock.

Trails & Waterways

Follow cobblestone trails past villages and through forests on the Pelion Peninsula; hug the coast in a kayak on the Aegean Sea; and follow in Hercules' footsteps, exploring the green depths of Iti National Park.

Sandy Coves

Central Greece keeps its beautiful beaches a secret. Low-key resorts dot the Gulf of Corinth and the Pelion Peninsula, where hidden, sandy coves and crystal-clear waters await the intrepid.

Northern Greece

Food & Wine



Eastern Spice

The strong mezedhes (appetisers) culture brings a spiciness from the Anatolian Peninsula in Turkey. You’ll encounter mussel pilaf, crayfish, lots of cheese and Macedonian wine. Sample artful Ottoman sweets in Thessaloniki.

Mountain Hikes

The story of Zeus takes you hiking into the clouds atop Mt Olympus, Greece’s highest peak. In Zagorohoria, hike between 46 preserved hamlets in the Pindos Mountains.

Resort Life

With sandy beaches, island getaways and strong Italian-village influences, Parga typifies the region's resorts – popular yet relaxed, good for families yet also great for nightlife. Alternatively, head for the remote sandy coves of Halkidiki.

Saronic Gulf Islands




Diving & Hiking

Diving is magical in these waters. Dolphin safaris, sunken pirate ships and underwater caves are just the start. When dry land beckons, Poros, Hydra and Spetses have forests to explore and hilltops to climb.

Monasteries & Mansions

Tiers of traditional buildings sweep down to Hydra’s pretty harbour, and serene, ancient monasteries dot nearby hilltops. Next door on Spetses, see traditional boatbuilding and impressive ancestral mansions.

Traditional Seacraft

Hydra’s museums include a fully restored hilltop mansion and eclectic naval collections. At Spetses, see a traditional seafarer’s home, and at Baltiza, a museum of sea craft, from caïques to yachts.


Ancient Ruins



Delos & Akrotiki

One of the country's most important archaeological sites, the sacred relics of Delos are protected on their own private island. The Minoan city of Akrotiri on Santorini is equally atmospheric.

Traditional Meals

Sample smoked eel and ham, Mykonian prosciutto, handmade soft cheeses and local wild mushrooms. Kitchens are filled with creative culinary flair and modern takes on traditional foods.

Glamour Clubs

The legendary Mykonos nightlife is glamorous and always entertaining. Ios is less swanky but very full-on, with wall-to-wall clubs and nonstop beach parties. Quieter Santorini has cocktail bars over the caldera with unparalleled sunset views.


Ancient Ruins



Minoan Palaces

The ruins of the Minoan civilisation grace this island, including the spectacular restored palace of Knossos and the labyrinth referred to in Greek mythology. At remote sites, there’s a lingering sense of mystery.

Gorge Hikes

The Samaria is Europe’s longest gorge, and one of Crete’s most popular draws. The island boasts other quieter, equally dramatic gorges for hiking and rock climbing, and a mountainous interior with caves and woodland to explore.

Sun Worship

Crete has some of Greece's top beaches, palm-fringed stretches of powder-soft sand. Others are lapped by the crystal-clear Libyan Sea or backed by charismatic old towns. All are worth sinking your toes into.





Byzantine & Medieval

Architectural eye candy is everywhere. See fairy-tale hilltop castles, frescoed Byzantine churches and Rhodes' medieval Old Town. Visit mountain villages, the ruins of ancient temples and Italian-inspired harbour towns.

Outdoor Adventures

Some of the world’s top rock climbing, kitesurfing, beachcombing, diving and walking are packed into the Dodecanese. Ancient footpaths, endangered birdlife, a bubbling volcano and surfing too.

Culinary Mix

Mix Greek cuisine with long-term Italian influences for scrumptious results: pizzas, pastas, stews, local cheeses, honey, wild greens and herbs, seafood and grilled meats.

Northeastern Aegean Islands




Great Outdoors

The clear water lapping these islands is perfect for diving into. You’ll be beckoned to hike to wooded waterfalls, wade through rivers and explore old-growth forests on foot or bicycle.

Seafood & Wine

Dining daily on fresh seafood is a way of life. Venus clams, sea urchins, crayfish, grilled cod and lobster are all washed down with plenty of ouzo and Samos' sweet local wine.

Aqua Aegean

From the remote, white-pebbled coast on Ikaria to hidden coves on the Fourni Islands, pristine sandy stretches on Chios and seaside resorts on Samos, you’re never far from a beach on the aquamarine Aegean.

Evia & the Sporades




Seaside Meadows

Soak in thermal waters at local beaches or spas, watch for dolphins in the waters of a marine park, and hike through olive groves and meadows. The region is also renowned for its diving.

Sweet & Fresh

Don't miss the local honey, especially the elatos (fir) and pefko (pine) varieties. Select amazingly fresh fish directly from the nets and served on the dock. Locally pressed olive oil produces home cooking like yiayia (grandma) makes it.

Wine Bars

Nightlife isn’t always about clubbing. Here it's about listening to some of the country's top bouzouki players and watching the sun sink over the horizon from low-key wine bars.

Ionian Islands




Mansions & Windmills

Corfu Town is a symphony of pastel-hued Venetian mansions, French arcades and British neoclassical architecture. Corfu is dotted with other historic mansions and neighbouring islands have whitewashed villages and ancient windmills.

Kayak & Ramble

Kayak remote coves, sail the blue Aegean, wander ancient olive groves and hike the mountains. Continuous stretches of gorgeous coastline and quiet interiors lure the adventurous.


Soft braised meat, plenty of garlic, homemade bread, seafood risottos and hand-rolled pasta allude to an Italian influence in the kitchen. Without a history of Turkish rule, Corfiot cuisine is distinctive and delicious.