Greece in detail

Greece is known for

Ancient History

Ancient Agora Athens’ civic, political and commercial centre in ancient times, beautifully preserved.

Ancient Thira Largely intact remains of a phenomenal ancient city in a stupendous mountaintop location overlooking Santorini.

Epidavros Catch a starlit performance from the well-worn stone seats at this ancient theatre amid pine-clad hills.

Kos Town Explore the once-impregnable Castle of the Knights, check out 3rd-century-AD mosaics and rest under the plane tree where Hippocrates taught his students.

Ancient Olympia A World Heritage–listed sanctuary to sporting glory, these 3000 year old ruins hosted the original Olympic Games.

Knossos Crete’s marquee Minoan site; ideally paired with Heraklion Archaeological Museum.


Elafonisi Turquoise water and long pink sand dunes await sun worshippers on Crete's southwest coast.

Lefkada's West Coast Wide stretches of uninterrupted soft sand on a little island that's off the beaten track.

Sithonian Peninsula Dirt roads lead to pretty, sandy bays backed by friendly tavernas and guesthouses.

Loutra Edipsou At this truly therapeutic beach the bay is fed by warm, thermal sulphur water.

Santorini Beautiful beaches of red and black volcanic sand are easily reached and surprisingly quiet.

Myrtos Beach Scrappy car park aside this strip of sand on Kefallonia is breathtakingly beautiful.

Arts & Crafts

Byzantine & Christian Museum The exquisite, gold-hued creations in this Athens museum are simply beautiful.

Art Space Showcasing top current artists, this atmospheric gallery is housed in the wine caverns of one of Santorini’s oldest vineyards

Museum of Islamic Art Mesmerising collection of over 8000 pieces of Islamic art, from tiles to carvings and prayer rugs.

Fish & Olive In the heart of Naxos, this gallery showcases ceramics by renowned local artists Katharina Bolesch and Alexander Reichardt.

Corfu Museum of Asian Art This amazing collection ranges from prehistoric bronzes to Graeco-Buddhist figures and Japanese Noh masks.

Silversmithing Museum In Ioannina this museum focuses on a beautiful craft that made the city famous.

The Great Outdoors

Crete’s gorges Hikers flock to the spectacular Samaria Gorge; its nearby cousins, the Imbros and Agia Irini Gorges, are equally breathtaking and less crowded.

Mt Olympus Follow ancient trails up thickly forested slopes towards the cloud-covered peak, once the lair of the Ancient Greek pantheon.

Pelion Peninsula Donkey trails zigzag over rolling, forested hills to quiet, sandy coves and quaint villages.

Homer’s Ithaki Hike through dramatic island scenery and past archaeological sites in Odysseus' homeland.

Skopelos Wander deep into pine forests, through olive groves and clifftop plum and almond orchards.

Vikos Gorge Hike into this 900m-deep canyon or overlook it from several impressive viewpoints.


Heraklion Archaeological Museum Most famous for its Minoan collection, including the gob-smacking frescoes from Knossos.

Acropolis Museum Sculptures and other finds from the Acropolis shine in this spacious, superbly designed gem.

Andros Archaeological Museum Holds an exquisite 2nd-century BC marble copy of the bronze Hermes of Andros by Praxiteles.

Chios Mastic Museum State of the art hilltop museum documenting the cultivation of the mastic tree and the processing of its resin.

Olympia Archaeological Museum Votive offerings and sublime sculptures from the sacred site of the Games; one of Greece’s top archaeological ensembles.

Delphi Archaeological Museum Extraordinary ancient treasures from the wonderful archaeological site alongside.

Religious Buildings

Moni Hozoviotissis This 1017 monastery clings to a cliff face high above the pounding sea.

Prodromos Monastery Hike the Menalon trail to this memorable monastery that clings to the cliffs like a swallow’s nest.

St George’s Cathedral One of the country's most significant Catholic churches, a legacy of the Venetian occupation.

Moni Dochiariou One of Mt Athos' most elegant and revered monasteries; beautiful buildings and glittering frescoes.

Moni Evangelistrias Greek Independence was first declared at this Skiathos monastery.

Church of Panagia Kera This tiny triple-aisled church shelters Crete's best-preserved Byzantine frescoes.

Beth Shalom Synagogue Athens' main synagogue is a handsome white marble building dating to 1935.