Plaka & Trypiti attractions

Top Choice Monument in Plaka & Trypiti


Greece’s only Christian catacombs, signposted from Plaka, date from the 1st century and were the burial site for early believers. Around 5000 people are buried here; a guide takes you on a 15-minute tour of the eeri…
Museum in Plaka & Trypiti

Archaeology Museum

This handsome neoclassical building contains some riveting exhibits, including a plaster cast of the Venus de Milo – the original was likely carved from Parian marble around 100 BC, was found on Milos by a local far…
Fortress in Plaka & Trypiti


Signs mark the path climbing to the hilltop fortress, built on the ancient acropolis and offering panoramic views of the island. The 13th-century church, Thalassitras, lies inside the walls.
Museum in Plaka & Trypiti

Milos Folk & History Museum

Peruse traditional costumes, woven goods and household artefacts in a series of traditionally furnished rooms, right by the main church courtyard.