Plaka, Trypiti & Triovasalos attractions

Ruins in Plaka, Trypiti & Triovasalos

Ancient Theatre

Clinging to a lonely patch of hillside just below Trypiti, this large Roman-era theatre entertained the citizens of Ancient Melos from the 1st to the 4th century AD. It was rediscovered in 1735 but only around a ten…
Museum in Plaka, Trypiti & Triovasalos

Archaeological Museum of Melos

This handsome neoclassical building contains some riveting exhibits, including a plaster cast of local lass, the Venus de Milo, who now resides in the Louvre (much to the consternation of her fellow islanders). The …
Monument in Plaka, Trypiti & Triovasalos

Catacombs of Melos

Greece’s only Christian catacombs, on the slopes below Trypiti, date from the 1st century and were the burial site for some of the earliest believers. Over 2000 people were interred within the 183m network of tunnel…
Fortress in Plaka, Trypiti & Triovasalos


Signs mark the path climbing to Plaka's hilltop fortress, built by the Venetians on the ancient acropolis. Little of the structure remains, but the views from the top stretch right over the island. On the way up, ca…
Architecture in Plaka, Trypiti & Triovasalos


Tiny, photogenic Klima clings to the beachfront cliff face below Trypiti. It offers the best example of Milos’ syrmata (traditional fishermen’s huts), where the downstairs, with brightly painted doors, are used for …
Museum in Plaka, Trypiti & Triovasalos

Milos Folk & History Museum

Peruse traditional costumes, woven goods and household artefacts in a series of traditionally furnished rooms, right by the main church courtyard.