Piraeus attractions

Museum in Piraeus

Electric Railways Museum

Tucked inside the Piraeus station, this museum is a trove of old switches, nifty models and cool machinery, including a gleaming old wooden train car. It's a passion project of a former railway employee, and he and …
Museum in Piraeus

Piraeus Archaeological Museum

The museum's star attraction is the magnificent statue of Apollo, the Piraeus Kouros, the larger-than-life, oldest hollow bronze statue yet found. It dates from about 520 BC and was discovered buried in rubble in 19…
Museum in Piraeus

Hellenic Maritime Museum

As nautical museums go, this isn't one of the best, despite Greece’s long maritime history. Still, it does have all the requisite models of ancient and modern ships, seascapes by leading 19th- and 20th-century Greek…