Theatre in Argolis

Athens & Epidavros Festival

The Theatre of Epidavros stages both modern theatre and Ancient Greek dramas during the annual Athens and Epidavros Festival, part of the larger cultural Hellenic Festival. Tickets can be bought in Epidavros at the …
Music in Kalamata

Kalamata International Dance Festival

This annual festival draws crowds to its quality performances of traditional music and dance. Venues include the amphitheatre of the kastro (fort). See the website for dates and prices.
Sports in Sparta


This gruelling annual foot race takes place over the 246km between Athens and Sparta. It follows in the footsteps of Pheidippides, the messenger who ran from Athens to Sparta in one day in 490 BC, to ask the Spartan…
Carnival in Patra

Patras Carnival

Patra’s citizens party hard during the annual Patras Carnival. The program features a host of minor events leading up to a wild weekend of costume parades, colourful floats and celebrations in late February or early…
Cultural in Leonidio


Combining a love of both melitzana (eggplant) and jazz music (as you would), this arts, food and cultural festival is a fun and colourful three-day annual event.
Music in Nafplio

Classical Music Festival

Nafplio hosts a classical-music festival, featuring Greek and international performers. Dates change annually.