Paxi restaurants

Top Choice Mediterranean in Gaïos


Paxi's finest restaurant, 400m up from central Gaïos, serves local food that’s head and shoulders above what's on offer at the harbour-front tavernas, for similar prices. The mixed plate of starters alone is worth a…
Top Choice Mediterranean in Loggos


The chefs at Vasilis, a low-slung terra cotta cottage on the paved harbour front, are by far the most creative in town. Well-turned-out local specialities include pan-fried cuttlefish, sea urchin, bourdeto (fresh fi…
Seafood in Lakka

Arriva Fish Restaurant

Waterfront taverna with little tables perched on the very brink of the quayside. Check out the blackboard for an amazing list of freshly caught fish and seafood, from lobster to scorpionfish, prepared every imaginab…
Mediterranean in Paxi

Erimitis Bar & Restaurant

This spectacular spot, 200m up from the start of the road down to Erimitis Beach, sits on an expansive deck overlooking plunging cliffs. Whether for an afternoon or sunset drink or a full Greek meal, it’s well worth…
Taverna in Loggos

O Gios

Sturdy little stone-built taverna at the heart of the harbour, preparing very tasty home-cooked grills, seafood and baked dishes. Prices are a little inflated.
Taverna in Gaïos


Presided over by the genial Dodo, this friendly little taverna is hidden in a quirky secret garden (follow the signs from the southern end of the waterfront), with seating that will remind you of rainbows. Come for …
Greek in Loggos

Four Seasons Café

Originally a simple internet cafe, the Four Seasons is now a fully fledged restaurant, serving pizza alongside Greek standards. It's 50m back from the waterfront and notably cheaper than the port-side honeypots. It …
Cafe in Gaïos

Capriccio Creperie

Pretty little lilac villa slightly southeast of the centre, with a handful of quayside tables. The waffles and crêpes are super fresh, and the homemade ice cream – including some flavours you wouldn't normally expec…