Patra in detail

Flights & getting there


The international passenger port is 1km south of town, though international services occasionally still use the northern port, 500m north of the train station. Domestic ferry services currently use the dock in the centre of town, by the train station.

Ferry offices are located at the port, and a few agencies that sell ferry tickets are sprinkled along Othonos Amalias and Iroön Polytechniou. Rota Shipping is one that is handy. Ferry schedules and prices change seasonally; call ahead.


At time of research, there were services from Patra to Kefallonia and Ithaki. There are also services from Kyllini, 76km southwest of Patra, to Kefallonia and Zakynthos. Bus-ferry combinations run from Patra for Kyllini services.

Always check the ferry situation before making plans: companies and routes change like the tides.

From Patra:

Levante Ferries run once daily to Sami on Kefallonia (adult/car €15.10/49.80, 3½ hours) and on to Pisaetos on Ithaki (adult/car €15.10/52.90, four hours). You can book online; ferries leave from near the train station in the middle of town.

From Kyllini:

Levante Ferries run three to five times daily to Poros on Kefallonia (adult/car €9.80/38.70, 1½ hours) and four to six times daily to Zakynthos (adult/car €9.10/29.90, 1¼ hours). You can book online. See the bus-ferry combinations.


Patra is Greece’s main port for ferry services to Italy, with departures to Brindisi, Bari, Ancona and Venice. Note that while some ferries may stop at Igoumenitsa and Corfu en route, you cannot disembark.

ANEK/Superfast Ferries runs trips to Bari (adult/car €68/82, 16 hours, daily), Ancona (adult/car €75/108, 20 to 22 hours, six weekly) and Venice (adult/car €75/122, 32 hours, two to three weekly).

Minoan Lines heads to Ancona (adult/car €71/99, 22 hours, four weekly) and Venice (adult/car €71/99, 31 hours, two weekly).

Grimaldi Lines ( sails to Brindisi (adult/car €49/49, 15 hours, three weekly),

Prices given here are for deck seats in summer, but not the peak fortnight in August, when rates skyrocket. Rates are higher for airline seats and cabins and drop off-season. Check up-to-date schedules online.


Patra has four bus stations arrayed along the waterfront strip.

The main KTEL Achaia bus station has services to the following places:

Athens (€20.70, 2½ to three hours, every 30 minutes), some via Corinth Isthmus (€13.80, 1¾ hours)

Ioannina (€25.30, 4½ hours, two daily)

Kalamata (€25, four hours, two daily)

Kalavryta (€8.60, two hours, two to four daily)

Pyrgos (€10.60, two hours, eight to ten daily). Change here for Olympia.

Thessaloniki (€48.50, seven hours, two to three daily)

The KTEL Lakonias bus station has services to the Ionian island of Lefkada (€17.60, three hours, twice weekly), to Amfissa for Delphi (€14.80, three hours, two daily) and Tripoli (€20, one daily).

The KTEL Zakynthos bus station has services to Zakynthos, via the port of Kyllini (including ferry €17, 3½ hours, three daily).

The KTEL Kefallonia bus station in the northern passenger terminal has two to three daily bus-ferry combinations to Kefallonia via Kyllini. The ferry goes to Poros (€17.80 including ferry, three hours); you can continue by bus to Argostoli on a single ticket (€22.10 total, four hours).



Trains depart from the centrally located Patra train station. There are 10 trains a day to Athens (€17). At the time of writing, a replacement bus goes as far as Kiato (1¼ hours), from where you take the proastiako, Athens' local train service (another 1¼ hours). On arrival in Athens you can use your proastiako ticket for 1½ hours on the metro (validate it first).