Top Choice Greek in Patitiri

Ouzerie Archipelagos

To get a feel for this very Greek establishment on the harbourfront, pick a table towards the back where locals gather to order round after round of fine mezedhes (appetisers), always-fresh grilled fish and local fi…
Bistro in Patitiri

Cafe Bistro Helios

Snappy bistro hidden in plain view, via the stepped path located a few doors down from the National Bank. Well-priced small plates, a superb high harbour view, plus an international twist.
Taverna in Patitiri

To Kamaki Ouzerie

This long-time local favourite, next to the National Bank on the main road, offers well-priced fresh fish and tasty vegetarian plates. Weekends often feature a family bouzouki player.
Kebab in Patitiri

Pi & Fi

Pi & Fi roughly means 'quick and easy', like its grab-and-go kebabs and pita souvlakia (cubes of meat on skewers). Opposite the police station on the main road.