Parga in detail

Getting Around

Car & Motorcycle

The road between Preveza and Igoumenitsa runs along the upper edge of Parga, with a few key turns down into town. The turn for the centre is Spyrou Livada (by the Express Market). On the southeast side, another turn leads to Krioneri Beach and the waterfront. Parking becomes difficult as you drive into the narrow streets, so grab a space as soon as you see one.


A taxi rank in the centre, just off Spyrou Levada, usually has cars waiting, or you can call. Rates are posted; to Lichnos Beach, for example, is €8, and it's €30 one-way to the Nekromanteion of Acheron.

Water Taxi

From the pier in the harbour, water taxis serve Valtos Beach (€2) and Lichnos Beach (€10 return) frequently, as late as midnight in July and August. Farther away is Sarakiniko (€11 return), with just enough service for a full-day outing.