Top Choice Cretan in Paleohora

Taverna Methexis

It’s well worth the short saunter to the peninsula’s southeastern tip to sample the authentic comfort food and warm hospitality at this locally adored taverna across from a small beach. All the classics are accounte…
Vegetarian in Paleohora

Third Eye

A local institution and community gathering spot since 1990, the Third Eye knew what to do with beetroot, quinoa and hummus long before meatless fare went mainstream. The globally inspired menu features delicious sa…
Cretan in Paleohora

Christos Taverna

Straightforward Cretan and Greek dishes are the order of the day here in this long-standing summer-only taverna near the stony Halikia beach. Pick from what’s fresh, arrayed in casseroles behind the glass.
Bakery in Paleohora

Vakakis Family Bakery

Load up on fresh bread and sweet treats paired with hot or iced coffees.