Northern Greece drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Bar in Thessaloniki


What started as a venue to promote the musical creations of a few friends has become an alternative bar, and a great one at that – Coo often hosts live events, dancing and exhibitions. The top floor is open for drin…
Top Choice Bar in Xanthi & Around

Ntili Ntili

A really popular, vintage-laden bar painted in bright colours and hosting all kinds of cultural events and parties. One of the local favourites.
Top Choice Cafe in Ioannina

Byzantine Museum Cafe

On Its Kale, the museum cafe is popular with locals and visitors alike, with its big grassy grounds and beautiful views. It serves food too, but most come for a coffee and chat in the gorgeous setting.
Cafe in Thessaloniki

OTE Tower Cafe

Prepare to pay through the nose at this rotating cafe on top of the Greek telecommunications company (OTE), but it's the only rotating cafe in the whole of Greece (apparently)! Newly renovated, the 360-degree rotati…
Cocktail Bar in Thessaloniki

Vogatsikou 3

Locals consider this place to be the best cocktail bar in town, so if you're a lover of mixed-up drinks, head here and choose from the carefully prepared menu. If you're a whisky connoisseur, there's a good selectio…
Cocktail Bar in Thessaloniki


A new and ultra-popular cocktail bar, Gorilla is all industrial interiors and serious attitudes – when it comes to cocktails. The music is eclectic and always good. Check out its special cocktail mixes, which change…
Cafe in Thessaloniki

TOMS Flagship Store and Café

Set inside the Old Post Office building's lower-floor courtyard, this place has good coffee, drinks, brunches and some books for you to read in a friendly, vintage-strewn space.
Bar in Thessaloniki


Surrounded by the neighbourhood's dark office blocks and dive bars, this rooftop bar has views that are more Gotham City than postcard-pretty, but no matter – it's a fun spot that broadcasts an eclectic mix of pop, …
Cafe in Thessaloniki

Cafe Nikis 35

This snug waterfront cafe sits just under street level. It's perfect for a Sunday-morning coffee (€3) or afternoon beer (€4), or come here in the evening if you fancy a place that's quieter than many of the other ba…
Cafe in Thessaloniki

Kafeneion Giasemi

The cosy interior cheerfully blends classic countryside Greece and colourful retro, with space for just a few tables. Along with coffees and drinks, Giasemi offers small mezedhes (the menu entries are carefully hand…