Top Choice Church in Thessaloniki

Church of Agios Dimitrios

This enormous 5th-century structure honours Thessaloniki’s patron saint. A Roman soldier, Dimitrios was killed around AD 306 at this former Roman bath site by order of Emperor Galerius, infamous persecutor of Christ…
Top Choice Museum in Thessaloniki

Museum of Byzantine Culture

This fascinating museum has plenty of treasures to please Byzantine buffs, plus simple explanations to introduce the empire to total beginners. More than 3000 Byzantine objects, including mosaics, intriguing tomb pa…
Top Choice Museum in Thessaloniki

Archaeological Museum

Macedonia's major prehistoric and ancient Macedonian and Hellenistic finds are housed in this museum, bar Vergina's gold tomb finds, which are exhibited in Vergina. Highlights include the Derveni Crater (330–320 BC)…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Vergina & Pella

Vergina Royal Tombs Museum

A grass-covered tumulus (burial mound) has been converted into a truly spine-tingling museum where visitors can descend to the entryways of royal tombs and admire treasures unearthed at this very site. The showpiece…
Historic Building in Thessaloniki

Atatürk House

Modern Turkey’s illustrious founder, Mustafa Kemal, was born here in 1881. Bring your identity card or passport for this three-floor museum within the Turkish consulate and be prepared for security checks. Along wit…
Church in Thessaloniki

Church of Agia Sofia

Candlelight twinkling from gold chandeliers pierces the gloom in this functioning 8th-century church, modelled on its İstanbul namesake. The dome has a striking mosaic of the Ascension of Christ. Built over a previo…
Church in Thessaloniki

Church of Nikolaos Orfanos

This early 14th-century church has superb (though age-darkened) frescoes. The 'orphan' in the church's name remains a mystery: it may be a nod to an anonymous benefactor or be linked to a former orphanage nearby.
Church in Thessaloniki

Church of Osios David

This little 5th-century church was allegedly built by the orders of Theodora, daughter of anti-Christian Galerius, who was baptised in secret. It contains well-preserved mosaics and rare 12th-century frescoes.
Museum in Thessaloniki

Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki

This touching museum is housed in one of the few Jewish buildings to survive the great fire of 1917, the former office of Jewish newspaper L'Independent. The museum traces the city's Jewish heritage through the 15th…
Monastery in Thessaloniki

Monastery of Vlatadon

Near Ano Poli’s Byzantine Walls, the salmon-coloured arches of this secluded monastery are a relaxing place for a stroll. Thought to have been founded around 1351 by the pious brothers Vlatades, this monastery was s…