Cosmetics in Chios Town


Efficient and attractive shop with a range of mastic-based products such as lotions, toothpaste, soaps and condiments. Ask for a sample of pure mastic to chew.
Fashion & Accessories in Skala Eresou

Leather Workshop

Check out the old sewing machines at this friendly little leather and accessories shop. In his spare time, owner Kiriakos teaches kung fu to the village kids.
Arts & Crafts in Skala Eresou


Despina Iossifelli makes both the handmade ceramics and jewellery at this bright and inviting waterfront gift shop.
Books in Northern Samos

Lexis Bookstore

Well-stocked bookstore. Multilingual owner Pandelis has a bit of everything, good maps included.
Ceramics in Armenistis

Kedroi Ceramics

On the road out of Armenistis toward Nas, this attractive shop and studio is named for the kedroi, or cedar tree. Lots of handmade ceramics, fired on the premises by Stavros and Kristina.
Food in Fourni Islands

Melanthi Shop

Inviting shop on the main street with nicely packaged fresh herbs (thyme, lavender, oregano and the unique throubi), along with honey, cheese, oils, balms and salves, all from Fourni.
Market in Northern Lesvos

Agricultural Co-op of Mandamados

The shop of the Agricultural Co-op of Mandamados sells numerous natural products from local farmers, such as the unique hard cheese, ladotyri, made from sheep’s milk.
Art in Mytilini Town

Gaia Ceramics

Intimate hole-in-the-wall with unusual ceramic jewellery made by local artisans who run the shop. Near the Yeni Tzami mosque.
Food & Drinks in Mytilini Town

North Aegean Shop

Next to Paradosiaka Bougatsa Mytilinis, this shop sells traditional products such as Greek sweets, with unusual varieties involving watermelon, olive and nuts.
Art in Mesta

Ceramic Art Studio

Artist and master ceramicist Nikos Balatsos runs this rambling and delightful studio on the road just outside the main wall of the village.