Top Choice Archaeological Site in East Coast

Archaeological Site of Alyki

This well-signed site is not to be missed. It lies alluringly and accessibly above the southeastern beach and includes the considerable, and photogenic, remains of an ancient temple where the gods were once invoked …
Museum in Chios Town

Byzantine Museum

The museum, housed in a 19th-century Ottoman mosque, the Medjitie Djami, contains relics from the Byzantine, post-Byzantine, Genoese and Islamic periods, including old canons, fine icons and Jewish, Muslim and Armen…
Museum in Chios Town

Giustiniani Palace Museum

Near the kastro’s main gate, the tiny museum (or 'Palataki') still looks like the 15th-century fortress it once was. Of particular interest are 12 Byzantine frescoes of the prophets, dating from the 13th century, al…
Museum in Chios Town

Archaeological Museum

Along with prehistoric and Archaic treasures from the excavations of the British School at Emporios, there are impressive Neolithic and classical finds (coins, sculptures, pottery) from Agios Galas and Fana.
Church in Mytilini Town

Church of Agios Therapon

The bulbous dome of this church crowns Mytilini’s skyline. Its ornate interior boasts a huge chandelier, an intricately carved iconostasis, a priest’s throne and a frescoed dome. Within the church courtyard, you’ll …
Museum in Mytilini Town

Theophilos Museum

This humble structure contains 86 paintings by the primitive painter Theophilos, who remains a folk hero among Greek literati. He barely scratched out an existence, moving frequently and painting coffee-house walls …
Museum in Mytilini Town

Archaeological Museum

This handsome and refurbished museum, about 500m above the eastern quay (and the now-closed Old Archaeological Museum), portrays island life from the 2nd century BC to the 3rd century AD, including striking floor mo…
Museum in Limenas

Archaeological Museum

Thasos’ archaeological museum displays Neolithic utensils from a mysterious central Thasos tomb, along with an impressive 5m-tall 6th-century-BC kouros (male statue of the Archaic period) carrying a ram.
Museum in Vathy

Archaeological Museum

One of the best museums in the islands, and housed in two adjacent buildings, this handsome complex contains finds starting from the rule of Polycrates (6th century BC). The most famous item is the imposing kouros (…
Monastery in Pythagorio

Moni Panagias Spilianis

About 1.5km northwest of Pythagorio, the road forks right past traces of an ancient theatre, before reaching this grotto monastery. The walk meanders up through old olive groves and, despite tourist kiosks, is a wel…