Top Choice Archaeological Site in Eastern Thasos

Archaeological Site of Alyki

This well-signed site is not to be missed. It lies alluringly and accessibly above the southeastern beach and includes the considerable, and photogenic, remains of an ancient temple where the gods were once invoked …
Archaeological Site in Samothraki

Sanctuary of the Great Gods

About 6km northeast of Kamariotissa, the Sanctuary of the Great Gods is one of Greece’s most mysterious archaeological sites. The Thracians built this temple to their fertility deities around 1000 BC. By the 5th cen…
Museum in Western Lesvos

Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest

Well-signed exhibits in this state-of-the-art museum in Sigri, a coastal village northwest of Skala Eresou, transport visitors to the moment when violent volcanic explosions discharged rapid flows of extremely hot a…
Archaeological Site in Pythagorio

Evpalinos Tunnel

In 524 BC, when Pythagorio (then called Samos) was the island’s capital and a bustling metropolis of 80,000, securing sources of drinking water became crucial. To solve the problem, ruler Polycrates put his dictator…
Archaeological Site in Samos

The Heraion

From the scattered ruins of the Heraion, one can’t imagine the former magnificence of this ancient sanctuary of the goddess Hera, 4km west of Pythagorio. The ‘Sacred Way’, once flanked by thousands of marble statues…
Monastery in Northern Lesvos

Moni Taxiarhon

Around 36km north of Mytilini town, near Mantamados village, stands one of Lesvos’ most important pilgrimage sites. An axis of Orthodoxy, myth and militarism, the grand 17th-century Moni Taxiarhon is pretty full-on …
Museum in Vathy

Archaeological Museum

One of the best museums in the islands, and housed in two adjacent buildings, this handsome complex contains finds starting from the rule of Polycrates (6th century BC). The most famous item is the imposing kouros (…
Museum in Inousses

Nautical Museum of Inousses

Created in 1965, this handsome museum showcases the collection of local shipping magnate Antonis Lemos. Many of the models on display (some intentionally half-completed then set flush against a mirror so that you 's…
Museum in Lesvos

Museum of the Memorial of the Refugees of 1922

Honours Anatolia’s lost Greek culture, abruptly ended after 2000 years by the Greek-Turkish population exchanges of 1923. By 1922 most ethnic Greeks had fled the Anatolia region of Asia Minor, a fact made official i…
Museum in Northern Samos

Karlovasi Folk Art Museum

Documents life, customs and dress in Karlovasi 100 years ago, when the busy port flourished as a leather-tanning and tobacco-trade centre. Located near the square.