Nisyros restaurants

Taverna in Mandraki

Taverna Panorama

This friendly roadside restaurant sits above a wildflower meadow between Plateia Ilikiomenis and Hotel Porfyris. From its hillside elevation you can gaze across the Aegean to Pserimos while tucking into a meat-accen…
Greek in Mandraki

To Kazanario

Escape the day trippers in this garden ouzerie (place that serves ouzo and light snacks), tucked off the pedestrian lane a block from the sea. A dark staircase drops from its inconspicuous doorway to a friendly old …
Greek in Nisyros

Balcony Restaurant

The streetside terrace, facing the church, may look inviting, but opt if you can for a table on the namesake balcony at the back for an unforgettable panorama of the vast hollow crater. The menu is meat -heavy, with…
Seafood in Mandraki

Kleanthis Taverna

Apart from the live lobster gazing nostalgically back at the nearby sea, there's an ocean of choice from shrimp souvlakia to crab and flounder; fried cuttlefish, cod and octopus. All caught by Vassili's, their fishe…
Taverna in Mandraki


Sitting in the corner of a pebble-mosaic square in the shade of mature fig trees, Irini dishes up a mouthwatering menu of traditional fare like dolmadhes, goat in tomato sauce, souvlakia and saganaki (fried cheese).…
Taverna in Nisyros

Apiria Taverna

Opening off a tiny alcove behind the church, this friendly taverna has tasteful burgundy-and-mustard walls and a few sheltered outdoor tables. Local specialities range through souvlakia, octopus, meatballs, stuffed …
Taverna in Nisyros

Captain’s House

Festooned with yellow nets and so close to the water that you can taste the salt, this taverna attracts yachties and wizened fishermen alike with a menu that’s packed to the gills with octopus, calamari, baby shark …
Cafe in Nisyros


Located in Nikea’s pretty central square, Porta is a wonderfully relaxing place to enjoy a cool drink, toasted sandwich, juice or beer. It looks out not to the caldera but the Aegean.
Bakery in Mandraki

Pali Bakery

You can smell the delicious doughy aroma before you turn the corner to this bijou bakery on Mandraki's waterfront. Fresh brioche, cream pie, doughnuts, sweetbread with chocolate, and tiropita (cheese pie) are a few …