Food & Drinks in Hora (Naxos)

Kiriakos Tziblakis

The pungent aromas will bowl you over as soon as you get through the door of this colourful wonderland, a family store dating from 1938. It’s where locals come to buy bulk spices, olives, honey and cheese, and it’s …
Gifts & Souvenirs in Hora (Naxos)

Kohili Jewels

Hidden in the maze of small streets behind the waterfront, Kohili is chock-full of goodies. This is a good spot to purchase jewellery made from the Eye of Naxos, the hard shell that develops in the hole of a shellfi…
Arts & Crafts in Halki


The know-how has been passed down to Penelope through at least four generations, and her fingers and feet fly on the loom. Watch her incorporate traditional designs into hats, scarves, bags and tablecloths that make…
Books in Hora (Naxos)

Papyrus Jewellery & Used Books

What began as a box of books left by a traveller has turned into a shockingly organised collection of over 10,000 second-hand books, covering multiple languages and genres. It’s uphill from the port, behind Meze 2.
Food in Halki

Era Jam Workshop

A visit to this shop gives you a peek into the open workshop where more than 20kg of delicious marmalade, jam and spoon desserts are made every day. This stuff is only sold on the island; taste it while you can!
Books in Hora (Naxos)


A large, well-stocked newsagent and bookshop that has most international newspapers the day after publication and perhaps the best collection of postcards in Greece.