Museum in Nafpaktos

Botsari Tower Museum

Battle aficionados must head to the Venetian-style Tower of Botsaris, currently a small museum which houses a collection of replicas of paintings and engravings – the originals made by the most famous artists of tha…
Castle in Nafpaktos


The well-preserved fortress and Venetian kastro overlooking Nafpaktos consist of a series of five terraced stone walls, built by a succession of conquerors (Doric, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Turk), that end at t…
Mosque in Nafpaktos

Fethiye Mosque

Look for the domed roof on the eastern (lighthouse and jetty) side of the port to find this stunning Ottoman mosque, named Fethiye Mosque (Conquest Mosque) because it was built after the conquest of the city by Sult…