Tourist Information in Myrina

Information Kiosk

Very useful brochures, plane and ferry schedules as well as helpful English-speaking staff are all found in this little kiosk, opposite the main pier in the Old Port.
Travel Agency in Myrina

Atzamis Travel

Arranges ferry and air tickets, accommodation, excursions and bicycle rentals. Can also arrange visits to the wetlands on Limnos' east coast.
Travel Agency in Myrina

Petrides Travel

Helpful and informed staff arranges island sightseeing tours, boat trips, car hire, transfers and accommodation.
Travel Agency in Myrina

Karaiskaki Travel

Specialises in trips to Agios Efstratios island. Formerly known as Myrina Travel.
Travel Agency in Myrina

Pravlis Travel

Efficient and helpful full-service agency at the port.
Travel Agency in Myrina

Aegean Travel

Arranges car hire and island excursions.
Police in Myrina

Port Police

Post in Myrina

Post Office

Police in Myrina

Police Station