Mt Psiloritis attractions

Observatory in Mt Psiloritis

Skinakas Observatory

Near the top of Mt Psiloritis, at 1750m, the Skinakas Observatory is operated by the University of Crete and is the country's most significant stargazing vantage point with two powerful telescopes. From May to Septe…
Cave in Mt Psiloritis

Ideon Cave

Although just a huge and fairly featureless hole in the ground, Ideon has sacred importance in mythology as the place where Zeus was reared by his mother Rhea to save him from the clutches of his child-devouring fat…
Monument in Mt Psiloritis

Andartis – Partisan of Peace

Right on the Nida Plateau, high on Mt Psiloritis, you can make out this sprawling landscape sculpture created by German artist Karina Raeck in 1991 to commemorate the Cretan resistance in WWII. The monument itself i…