Monemvasia restaurants

Top Choice International in Monemvasia


One of the newest restaurants to join the local scene, Chrisovoulo comes with attitude. But it delivers: it conjures up the likes of quinoa salad, veal with morel sauce, and risotto with siglino (salted) pork from t…
Top Choice Mezedhes in Monemvasia

Voltes Mezedopolio & Grocery

Named after the switchback footpath leading to Monemvasia's upper kastro (the voltes), this wonderful eatery, run by two enthusiastic young brothers, manages to link modernity and tradition with ease. Choose from a …
Taverna in Monemvasia


Run by 70-year-old Magda, who has been preparing and dishing up wonderful traditional cuisine for as long as she can remember. It doesn't have the outlook of the other restaurants as it's located on the main strip. …
Taverna in Monemvasia


Of all the tavernas on the main street, Matoula is the oldest and seems to boast a global profile. Perhaps because it has the best sea views (from its vine-shaded terrace), and after so many years has the art down p…
Taverna in Monemvasia

To Kanoni

Pizza and pasta and traditional foods are on the menu at this casual and relaxed joint in Monemvasia's main strip.