Museum in Adamas

Milos Mining Museum

This excellent small museum details Milos’ mining history. It’s about 600m east of the ferry quay.Ask here about the Miloterranean Geo Experience ( project, a series of maps that outline great h…
Monument in Plaka & Trypiti


Greece’s only Christian catacombs date from the 1st century and were the burial site for early believers. Get off the Trypiti bus at the T-junction with a signpost indicating the way. Once there, a guide takes you i…
Museum in Plaka & Trypiti

Milos Folk & History Museum

Peruse traditional costumes, woven goods and household artefacts in a series of traditionally furnished rooms, right by the main church courtyard.
Museum in Plaka & Trypiti

Archaeology Museum

This handsome old building contains some riveting exhibits, including a plaster cast of the Venus de Milo – the original was likely carved from Parian marble around 100 BC, and was found on Milos by a local farmer i…
Museum in Adamas

Ecclesiastical Museum of Milos

Tucked in where the waterfront road turns inland, this collection in the Church of the Holy Trinity boasts fine icons and artefacts.
Historic Site in Around Milos


This ancient Minoan city in the island’s northeast (close to Pollonia) was one of the earliest settlements in the Cyclades. Now it’s not much more than rubble, but the seaside setting is great, with cavelike rock fo…
Fortress in Plaka & Trypiti


Signs mark the path climbing to the hilltop fortress, built on the ancient acropolis and offering panoramic views of the island. The 13th-century church, Thalassitras, lies inside the walls.