Top things to do

Top Choice Taverna in Mesta


With tables spread across Plateia Taxiarhon, this relaxed and reliable eatery appeals to locals and visitors alike, and serves hearty portions of mayirefta, beef keftedhes (rissoles) and grills. Everything is local,…
Church in Mesta

Churches of the Taxiarhes

There are two Churches of the Taxiarhes (Archangels). The older and smaller one dates from Byzantine times and features a magnificent 17th-century iconostasis. The larger, 19th-century church was built entirely from…
Seafood in Mesta

Limani Meston

An excellent waterfront fish taverna, though service may get hectic when there's a package tour group in. The special atherinopita (baitfish, heads and all, with onion stir-fry) is recommended, along with astakomaka…
Art in Mesta

Ceramic Art Studio

Artist and master ceramicist Nikos Balatsos runs this rambling and delightful studio on the road just outside the main wall of the village.