Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Thessaloniki

From Thessaloniki

Architect Evangelia and set designer Athanasia, two wonderfully creative and warm women, started this little shop that makes and sells the most original and beautiful souvenirs in town. Choose from painted tiles, Gr…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Thessaloniki

2 Concept Store

It's difficult to categorise this place – it includes a workshop, a shop, an exhibition space and a cafe. Run by agriculturist Christos and the graphic designer Nikos, who is also a marvellous carpenter, the pair fi…
Top Choice Spices in Thessaloniki


A fantastic place to shop and learn – Alkiviadis Grigoriadis, the store owner and botanist, will give you an insight into all the properties of the herbs, spices and essential oils you want to buy. He also makes her…
Food in Thessaloniki

Agora Products

Located beside Agora restaurant, this shop extols the rich variety and health-giving properties of traditional Greek food and sells several hundred delicacies. Test your luggage-weight limits with olive oils, wines,…
Books in Thessaloniki

Travel Bookstore Traveller

Satiate your wanderlust at this delightful bookshop that sells maps, travel souvenirs and stationery, as well as Lonely Planet and other guidebooks.
Food in Thessaloniki

Salami, Feta & Krasi

This family-run deli is a great place to stock up on Greek produce. The owners also sell their own preserves, such as cabbage pickled in wine.
Jewellery in Thessaloniki

Medusa Handmade

Opposite the Arch of Galerius, this inventive shop has handmade jewellery and accessories, including unique pendants, vintage-inspired scarves and Mary Poppins brooches.
Arts & Crafts in Thessaloniki


This dazzling shop is crammed with gold chandeliers and lovingly handpainted icons in ornate frames. You can commission a specific icon with advance notice.
Arts & Crafts in Thessaloniki


Browse an eclectic selection of jewellery, transport and nautical models for a quirky craft-shop gift.