Music in Kastoria

Nestorio River Festival

This popular five-day summer festival features Greek and international musicians and DJs, as well as art, games and parties into the early hours. Four camping areas are designed to suit different hedonism tolerance …
Cultural in Thessaloniki

PicNic Urban Festival

On the festival scene since 2012, Urban Picnic reconnects the community with archaeological sites by hosting concerts and short film screenings at Thessaloniki's Roman Agora.
Film in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki International Film Festival

This popular film festival unfurls alongside a calendar of concerts, exhibitions and theatrical performances.
Film in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

A rich program of documentary film events are screened at various Thessaloniki venues.
Music in Thessaloniki

Reworks International Music Festival

Three days of DJ sets, music concerts and live events across the city's many squares.
Fair in Thessaloniki


HelExpo hosts trade fairs, with the biggest taking place in autumn. More interesting to travellers are the International Trade Fair's satellite events, which include theatrical performances, genre-spanning musical e…
Dance in Kastoria

Ragkountsaria Festival

This winter festival harks back to its pagan roots and features traditional dancing, costumed partying and a lot of eating and drinking.
Cultural in Litohoro

Festival Olympou

During this summer festival, concerts, plays and artistic events unfold at venues around Litohoro.