Top things to do in Lipsi Village

Top Choice Taverna in Lipsi Village

Manolis Tastes

In a handsome 19th-century neoclassical building (and former Italian Police station), Manolis Tastes has a roof terrace and upstairs lounge, and fine dining in a cream-and-wood interior. The real draw is Chef Manoli…
Bakery in Lipsi Village

Kairis Lipsi Bakery Shop

This lively bakery-gelateria-cafe, beside the steps up to the village centre, is the social hub of the island and stays open all night. It’s a veritable treasure trove of fresh-baked cookies, croissants, sausage rol…
Cafe in Lipsi Village

Cafe du Moulin

Tucked in the cool shadows of a little square by the church of Panagia tou Harou, this restaurant is run by a house-proud French, English and Italian speaking lady. It serves up great-value, tasty food: Lipsi goat w…
Religious in Lipsi Village

Panagia tou Harou

Each year on 22 August, visitors flock to pay homage to a famous icon of the Virgin in the village church. They come to see the lilies inside its glass cabinet, which, despite being rootless and unwatered, burst mir…
Seafood in Lipsi Village

Theologos Fish Tavern

Set on the waterfront near the ferry dock, this diminutive fish restaurant, its facade stippled with blue polka dots, has tables right on the quay and a menu ranging from huge prawns, octopus and calamari, to 'tope …
Taverna in Lipsi Village


Deservedly popular taverna with cobalt-and-white trim close to the ferry jetty, with seating on a raised terrace next to a tiny vineyard (look out for the mural of the windmill). Try the stewed goat in red sauce and…
Cafe in Lipsi Village

Angela Cafe

This new and decidedly chic little cafe with lavender and white trim has an intimate interior for snacks, coffee and cocktails, and a breezy sea-facing outside terrace.
Food & Drink in Lipsi Village

Wine Festival

This Dionysian festival takes place for three days with dancing and free wine. Check locally for precise dates.