Top things to do

Convent in Limni

Convent of Galataki

The 16th-century Convent of Galataki lies 9km southeast of Limni, following a narrow road that hugs a picturesque shoreline (with plenty of stops for a swim) and then climbs steeply uphill. It is home to a coterie o…
Sports in Limni

Skyllias Swimming Marathon

Limni's midsummer Elimnia Festival kicks off with the 14.5km Skyllias swimming marathon between mainland Theologos and Limni. It was named for the long-distance swimmer who, in 480 BC, warned the Greeks of the appro…
Taverna in Limni

O Platanos

Tucked inside Limni's inner lanes, near the village museum, this popular local standby does excellent grills and hearty salads and serves great local wines.
Seafood in Limni

Bella Vista

Just to the west of town, the roadside Bella Vista dishes up a terrific variety of seafood: mussels, prawns, oysters, calamari and octopus.
Museum in Limni

Museum of History & Folk Art

The town’s quaint folk museum, 50m from the waterfront, houses handsome village costumes and domestic items.