Lesvos in detail

Getting Around


Mytilini Town’s long-distance bus station is near Agias Irinis Park. From here buses depart for Molyvos, Eresou and other popular destinations around the island. Services are typically reduced to one per day on Saturdays and there are none at all on Sundays. Uniquely for this island group, the local branch of the national bus operator runs a website where you can check routes and schedules, at www.ktel-lesvou.gr.

Bus Services from Mytilini Town

DestinationFare (€)TimeFrequency
Agiasos3.2045min3 daily
Molyvos (Mithymna) via Petra7.501½hr2 daily
Plomari51¼hr3 daily
Sigri11.402½hr2 weekly
Skala Eresou via Eresos11.202½hr2 daily
Vatera via Polyhnitos6.801½hr2 daily

Car & Motorcycle

Local companies Discover Rent-a-Car and Billy’s Rentals have newish cars and flexible service. Billy's also has motorbikes, as do others along Pavlou Kountourioti in Mytilini Town. In Molyvos, hire vehicles from Kosmos Rent-a-Car.