Top things to do

Top Choice Mediterranean in Lefkada Town


Truly superb Greek–Italian fusion restaurant, with stylish, comfortable seating on the central inland square; the jet-black squid-ink risotto (€10), with octopus and huge grilled prawns, is an astonishing bargain.
Top Choice Bar in Lefkada Town

Gogos Gefsis

Very friendly bar-cafe on the main pedestrian street, with pavement tables plus a quirky interior kitted out like a vintage grocery. The Greek sign is fiendishly hard to read; look for the hammer-and-sickle flag fly…
Top Choice Taverna in Western Lefkada


This delightful terrace restaurant, on a corner along the main road in the heart of Athani village, has inspiring views down the mountainside to the sea beyond. Sit in the shade of a cedar tree to enjoy breakfast, s…
Top Choice Taverna in Central Lefkada

Maria's Tavern

In the tiny hamlet of Kolyvata, which enjoys idyllic views over the hills, the gregarious Kiria Maria opens her home to culinary adventurers. Using whatever’s ready in her garden, she serves fresh, perfectly cooked …
Museum in Lefkada Town

Archaeological Museum

This excellent museum, west along the waterfront in the modern cultural centre, illuminates island history from the Palaeolithic era to the Romans. Prize exhibits include terracotta ensembles from the 6th century BC…
Bakery in Eastern Lefkada

Sivota Bakery

With its harbour-front walls hung with antique bikes and carriage lamps, this cool arbour is much more cafe than bakery, serving pizzas and waffles, cocktails and wine, as well as juices, homemade pies, fresh croiss…
Taverna in Western Lefkada


The vine-shaded terrace of Agios Nikitas’ finest taverna sits slightly up from the beach and offers sweeping views out to sea. Feast on seafood fresh off the boat – including swordfish, shrimp and octopus – as well …
Taverna in Vasiliki


Sitting at the end of the harbour, just short of the ferry dock, this century-old taverna serves great salads, mezedhes, pasta and fresh seafood at waterfront tables. Its upper floor has had a modern makeover and no…
Beach in Western Lefkada

Egremni Beach

Long famed as one of the best beaches in Greece, remote Egremni Beach was devastated by an earthquake in 2015. Both the road that ran to the clifftop above it and the 720-step stairway down to the beach were obliter…
Fortress in Lefkada Town

Fortress of Agia Mavra

Guarding Lefkada at the start of the causeway, 1.4km from town, the Agia Mavra fortress was constructed in the 14th century and later expanded by the Venetians. While its lichen-covered walls remain intact, surround…