Lefkada Town restaurants

Top Choice Mediterranean in Lefkada Town


Truly superb Greek–Italian fusion restaurant, with stylish, comfortable seating on the central inland square; the jet-black squid-ink risotto (€10), with octopus and huge grilled prawns, is an astonishing bargain.
International in Lefkada Town

Ey Zhn

With its playful 'roadhouse meets artist’s loft' decor, and an eclectic menu of everything from tacos and tandoori chicken to taramasalata, this popular little restaurant attracts a lively cosmopolitan crowd. Live m…
Taverna in Lefkada Town

Frini Sto Molo

Long-standing taverna on the marina side of town, with a homely enclosed dining room and a wind-free quayside terrace. Come for dependable seafood – octopus, squid, shrimp and fresh fish – plus baked standards such …
Ice Cream in Lefkada Town


This bright little evening-only gelateria, just off the pedestrian drag, scoops up delicious fresh ice cream in flavours from mastiha (a stomach-settling sweet liquor) to chocolate.