Cave in Psyhro

Dikteon Cave

Eight hundred metres up a winding, sheer path just outside the village of Psyhro, the Dikteon Cave is as mysterious and forbidding as Greek myth itself. Here, according to legend, Rhea hid her newborn Zeus from Cron…
Cave in Tzermiado

Kronios Cave

As you approach Tzermiado from the south, a sign on the right indicates the Kronios Cave, which is thought to have been used from the earliest human period as some form of shrine, and during the Minoan period as a g…
Museum in Agios Georgios

Folklore Museum

The village boasts a Folklore Museum housed in the original home belonging to the Katsapakis family. Exhibits are spread over five rooms and include some intriguing personal photos of writer Nikos Kazantzakis.