Cave in Psyhro

Dikteon Cave

According to legend, Rhea hid in this cave to give birth to Zeus, far from the clutches of his offspring-gobbling father Cronos. A slick and vertiginous staircase corkscrews into the damp dark, passing overhanging s…
Cave in Tzermiado

Kronios Cave

As you approach Tzermiado from the south, a sign directs you to the small Kronios Cave. Follow the path to a series of stairs leading to the cave’s narrow entrance. Excavations have yielded objects going back to Neo…
Museum in Agios Georgios

Folklore Museum

This five-room museum opens up a window on Crete's rural past with an eclectic collection of farming tools, wooden furniture, textiles, faded black-and-white photographs and WWII relics. There are also displays of t…