Historic Site in Lamia


About 20km southeast of Lamia is the narrow pass of Thermopylae where, in 480 BC, Leonidas and a band of 300 brave Spartans managed to temporarily halt the invading Persian army of Xerxes. A detailed Greek-English s…
Bridge in Lamia

Gorgopotamos Railway Bridge

The original Gorgopotamos Railway Bridge, 7km south of Lamia, was blown up by a coalition of Greek and British guerrilla forces on 25 November 1942, in order to delay the German advance, and is considered one of the…
Museum in Lamia

Archaeological Museum

Lamia's frourio (fortress) is worth the hike just for the views. Within it is the Archaeological Museum, chock-a-block with amazing finds from Neolithic to Roman times, including some c 2nd-century-BC Hellenistic ch…