Bus in Lakonia

KTEL Lakonias

Buses ply the route between Neapoli and Athens (€37, three daily) via Sparta (€15.60, three hours) and Molai (€7.40, 1¼ hours). Change in Molai for Monemvasia.
Taxi in Gythio


Taxis can be found opposite the bus station.
Ferry in Gythio

LANE Lines

Weekly ferry from Gythio to Crete.
Bus Station in Gythio

KTEL Lakonia Bus Station

Northwest along the waterfront.
Car Rental in Gythio

Rozakis Travel

Has cars for hire.
Bus in Monemvasia

Shuttle Bus

Every 30 minutes.
Bus in Sparta

Buses to Mystras

Bus Station in Sparta

KTEL Lakonias Bus Station