Worth a Trip: Katharo Plateau & Kroustas

From Kritsa it's a scenic 16km climb to the spectacular Katharo Plateau, which is cultivated by people from Kritsa, some of whom have summer homes here. Sitting at an altitude of 1200m, this beautiful wildflower plateau is often under deep snow in winter, and home to only 500 inhabitants. There are a couple of seasonal tavernas here.

Just 4km south of Kritsa is the village of Kroustas, where locals go for very traditional local cuisine. The Cretan food on offer at popular O Kroustas includes a superb lazania (twisted handmade pasta, also called stroufikta) cooked in stock with anthotiro (a dry, white cheese) and rusks made in the wood oven.

Two buses daily except Sunday make the slog up from Kritsa to Kroustas. Walking takes about an hour.