From Konitsa's southern entrance begins a 4.5km river hike along the Aoös River Gorge to strikingly situated monastery Panagia Stomiou. Begin at the elegant 20m-high, 40m-long single-arched stone Konitsa Bridge, dating from 1870, which straddles the river. After it, a signposted trail becomes a narrow path between the water and a steep bank, and turns upwards through thick forests.


For the size of the place, Konitsa has a great range of sleeping options, from simple pensions to delicious mountain sleeps in luxurious hotels.


Traditional Greek food is to be had here, and there are charming local options where you can get a breath of local life while you eat.

Drinking & Nightlife

Konitsa is pretty quiet in terms of nightlife, but you can drink after your dinner until the small hours in any of the restaurants.