Top things to do in Komotini

Top Choice Greek in Komotini


Under a creeper-strewn canopy just off pedestrianised Ermou, Petrino's dishes are as enticing as its shaded location. Try the wonderfully garlicky aubergine mezedhes and generous portions of mussels on rice.
Historic Site in Komotini

Turkish Quarter

Just behind Plateia Eirinis, Komotini’s relaxing Turkish quarter has old houses, barber shops and teahouses. Sights include the 1884 Clock Tower (Orologio), Yeni Camii (New Mosque, in Turkish) and Eski Camii (Old Mo…
Sweets in Komotini


Nedim has been serving what is perhaps the best baklava this side of İstanbul since 1950. Try your teeth on kadayif (sweet bird's nests of pistachio and pastry), Turkish delight ranging from mint to orange and cocoa…
Museum in Komotini

Ecclesiastical Museum

This museum occupies Komotini’s early Ottoman ptohokomeio (almshouse), inside a courtyard. The structure’s brickwork and design resemble a Byzantine church. It exhibits post-Byzantine icons, 500-year-old printed gos…
Museum in Komotini

Archaeological Museum

Significant archaeological finds, accompanied by English-language wall texts, detail ancient Thracian history within this elegant building. Roman coins, clay figurines, delicate gold wreaths and glazed ceramics illu…
Sweets in Komotini


While other sweet sellers are better known, some locals swear by this unassuming little shop between the plateia and the mosque. The kindly owner offers myriad dried fruits and nuts.
Coffee in Komotini


Coffee is a big deal in Komotini – this is an immensely popular place, and it's packed with students who swear by the quality of their cup of joe here. It's a great place to people-watch.
Bar in Komotini

El Clasico

Sip coffee or wine to a light jazz soundtrack at this somewhat American-themed cafe-bar. El Clasico's cavernous interior is a popular place for locals and has a lively atmosphere.
Ruins in Komotini

Byzantine Fortress

Komotini’s 4th-century-AD Byzantine fortress was built by Emperor Theodosius, near today's Plateia Eirinis. Remnants include one of 16 original towers.
Taverna in Komotini

To Sokaki tis Lakokolas

In an underpass opposite Emboriki Bank, this lively taverna has simple and succulent grills and excellent salads.