Top ChoiceArchaeological Site in Kavala

Philippi Archaeological Site

Founded in 356 BC by the energetic Macedonian dynast Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, this evocatively sited ancient city is on Unesco's World Heritage list, and lies just 16km northwest from Kavala. Its...

Top ChoiceCafe in Kavala


Hands-down Kavala's best-situated cafe, Briki sits pretty at the southern end of the Panagia peninsula, its wood-and-stone, bric-a-brac–crammed interior giving onto a delightful, light-filled terrace that...

Barbecue in Kavala


The laneways bordering Panagia and the portside parts of town are rich with ouzeries and tavernas where Kavalans congregate for lingering weekend lunches. Soúsouro, which focuses on grilled and rotisseried meats...

Historic Site in Kavala

Panagia Quarter

Named for the Panagia church, this historic peninsula's narrow, tangled streets are lined by pretty pastel houses. A calf-stiffening walk leads up to the castle, while other highlights include the restored ruby...

Historic Building in Kavala

Mohamed Ali House

Dating to around 1770, this superb example of late-Ottoman architecture was birthplace and home to Pasha Mohamed (or Mehmet) Ali, wali of Egypt and an important figure in that nation's modern history. Displays...

Bar in Kavala

Nouvelle Vague

Another of Kavala's linger-worthy cafe-bars, Nouvelle Vague entices with eclectic decor, a (nearly) portside terrace, and good coffee and cocktails. It's occasionally host to cinema nights, while DJs inject more...

Taverna in Kavala

To Araliki

This cheerful family-run taverna in Panagia isn't expensive, yet delivers an expertly cooked menu of meaty Greek favourites. Locals come for the barbecued souvlaki, lamb chops, kebabs and meatballs, and the jolly...

Bar in Kavala

Wood & Rock

From chamomile teas to Campari and everything in between, this cafe-bar at the bottom of Panagia is housed in one of the quarter's most historic buildings. The light pop-rock soundtrack intensifies as the sun sets.

Museum in Kavala

Tobacco Museum

This surprisingly interesting museum whirls through the history of tobacco cultivation and production in eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Bright murals, old photographs, a curious collection of pipes and a tobacco...

Seafood in Kavala


Dishing out a catch that may or may not have landed on the adjacent waterfront, this sprawling harbourside restaurant offers decent misto fritto (mixed fried catch of the day), octopus, whole fish and other...

Castle in Kavala


Surmounting Kavala's historic peninsula of Panagia, this picturesque fortress was built on the foundations of a Byzantine acropolis destroyed in 1391. Dating mostly to the early 15th century, it offers great...

Museum in Kavala

Archaeological Museum of Kavala

Sculpture, jewellery, grave stelae, terracotta figurines and vases from ancient Amfipoli are found in this quiet, well-presented museum. Looted during WWII, the permanent exhibition nonetheless traces the city's...

Cafe in Kavala


Relax on the leaf-shaded terrace of this inviting portside cafe, a favourite haunt of Kavalans whiling away sunny afternoons with caffeine and conversation.