Top things to do in Kavala

Historic Site in Kavala

Panagia Quarter

Panagia's narrow, tangled streets are lined by pretty pastel houses. A calf-stiffening walk leads up to the castle. Highlights include the restored ruby Halil Bey Mosque and Mehmet Ali House. The enormous 18-domed I…
Bar in Kavala

Wood & Rock

From chamomile teas to Campari and everything in between, this cafe-bar at the bottom of Panagia is housed in one of the quarter's most historic buildings. The light pop-rock soundtrack intensifies as the sun sets.
Taverna in Kavala

To Araliki

A cheap and cheerful family-run taverna that is all about the souvlaki – locals come for the barbecued lamb chops, kebabs, meatballs, and the jolly atmosphere.
Museum in Kavala

Tobacco Museum

This surprisingly interesting museum whirls through the history of tobacco cultivation and production in eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Bright murals, old photographs, a curious collection of pipes and a tobacco pres…
Museum in Kavala

Archaeological Museum

Sculpture, jewellery, grave stelae, terracotta figurines and vases from ancient Amfipoli are found in this well-lit, elegant museum. The permanent exhibition traces the city's turbulent transition from ancient Neapo…
Historic Building in Kavala

Mehmet Ali House

This superb example of late-Ottoman architecture was once home to Pasha Mehmet Ali and displays the way the Pasha would have lived across the two floors. There is a women's room, Pasha's own quarters, plenty of swor…
Castle in Kavala


Built on the ruins of a Byzantine acropolis, most of this looming fortress dates to the 15th century. Panoramic views of the city are fantastic for climbing the circular tower. There's a small cafe in the grounds.
Bar in Kavala

Nouvelle Vague

The neon-red sign beckons good-timers to linger over a glass of wine. This chic cafe-bar near the waterfront boasts outdoor seating, dallying students and hip 30-somethings.
Seafood in Kavala

Panos Zafira

This friendly eastern waterfront taverna has been serving fresh fish dishes and good grills since 1965.
Taverna in Kavala


Settle in for harbour views, hearty seafood and generous salads at this low-key taverna.