Kavala attractions

Historic Site in Kavala

Panagia Quarter

Panagia's narrow, tangled streets are lined by pretty pastel houses. A calf-stiffening walk leads up to the castle. Highlights include the restored ruby Halil Bey Mosque and Mehmet Ali House. The enormous 18-domed I…
Museum in Kavala

Tobacco Museum

This surprisingly interesting museum whirls through the history of tobacco cultivation and production in eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Bright murals, old photographs, a curious collection of pipes and a tobacco pres…
Museum in Kavala

Archaeological Museum

Sculpture, jewellery, grave stelae, terracotta figurines and vases from ancient Amfipoli are found in this well-lit, elegant museum. The permanent exhibition traces the city's turbulent transition from ancient Neapo…
Historic Building in Kavala

Mehmet Ali House

This superb example of late-Ottoman architecture was once home to Pasha Mehmet Ali and displays the way the Pasha would have lived across the two floors. There is a women's room, Pasha's own quarters, plenty of swor…
Castle in Kavala


Built on the ruins of a Byzantine acropolis, most of this looming fortress dates to the 15th century. Panoramic views of the city are fantastic for climbing the circular tower. There's a small cafe in the grounds.