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Full-Day Trip to Meteora from Thessaloniki

There are few landscapes that excite the travelers as much as a visit to the enchanting Meteora.The gigantic rocks with the breathtaking volume and height, as they sharply arise in the edge of a big flatland, interrupt the smooth landscape like they were unreal, form part of an impressive geological phenomenon that you can’t miss the chance to observe closely. Moreover, the human intervention in this eerie scenery is astonishing: Monasteries built in the highest point of the rocks, seem to hover between earth and sky, between human and divine element. In 1989, Meteora was added in the list of the World Heritage of UNESCO.
11 hours
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Delphi - Meteora 3 days from Athens

Visit Greece's two of the most important UNESCO world Heritage sites in one tourGuided tour of Delphi archaeological site, known as the 'navel of the world'Visit museum of Delphi and marvel at its spectacular exhibitsExplore two of Meteora’s spectacular rock-top monasteries & enjoy breathtaking viewsStop at Thermopylae & the heroic monument of King LeonidasChoose the hotel category that suits to your budget
3 days
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Meteora Half Day Sightseeing Tour

Visit 3 main monasteries of Meteora and discover the natural beauty and the cultural heritage of this area. This Meteora Half-day Sightseeing Tour will take you back to the dark ages and the story of the first hermits and monks, who laid the foundations of what later on became the monastic community of Meteora.
4 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Meteora Sunset Tour

This amazing Meteora Sunset tour takes you on afternoon visit to discover the hidden gems of Meteora, that undoubtedly will be the highlight of your trip.
4 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

4-hours Monasteries Tour

Take a 4-hour tour in a luxurious minivan from your accommodation in Kalabaka or Kastraki. Drive with a small group and enjoy the fantastic scenery of Meteora, these extraordinary geological formations standing above the largest plain valley of Greece. See the monasteries hanging over the cliffs and listen to a full history story-telling from your specialized tour leader.Visit a monastery and enter its interior so you can admire the impressive architecture and meet some of the monks or nuns. The driver will wait for you and then take you to special spots where you can take memorable photos with a magnificent background. At the end of the tour, drive back to your accommodation or to the center of Kalabaka, if you wish to continue your day there.
4 hours
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Breath-taking Meteora Sunset Tour

Visit a monastery and see the restored hermitage of BandovasSee the 11th-century Byzantine church of the Dormition of the Mother of GodAdmire the marvelous sunset from a remote spot ideal for stunning photographsThe tour begins either from Kalabaka or from your accommodation in the area. Be driven up to Meteora in a luxurious mini-bus where an experienced and skilled tour leader will explain to you the history of Meteora and show you hidden places that only locals know about. See the 1000-year old hermitage of Bandovas, which was built like a cave system. You will also see the Byzantine Church, which was built over ancient ruins. Later, visit a monastery to admire the Christian architecture and see the frescoes in the churches.Just before sunset, the driver will take you on the peak of the rocks at a perfect spot for photographs. Admire the beautiful sunset view over the valley below. The tour ends afterward and you will be dropped off at your accommodation.
4 minutes
Outdoor Activities

Easy Hiking Adventure at Meteora

Hike in a beautiful landscape filled with historyView impressive monastries hidden in the mountainsLearn local history from your certified mountain guide.An ideal activity for the whole family, this is an alternative way for you to discover Meteora. This tour is the only way for travellers who want to immerse themselves in area's history and get a closer look at this bizarre and amazing geological formation.Your tour starts from Kalambaka, where you board a luxury mini-bus and head to Kastraki, where the hiking-path begins. The route takes you to the heart of the green forest and leads you to the restored Monastery of Visitation of Jesus and to the statue of Papathymios Vlahavas (a fighter during the rebellion against the Turks). Also, you will see St Dimitrios church which was used as headquarters by the rebels during the Greek-Turkish war From there, your path leads you to the top of the rocks until you will reach the impressive monasteries of “Great Meteoron” and “Varlaam.
4 hours
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1-day rail trip from Athens

See all six monasteries in one dayExplore the interiors of 2 of the monasteriesAdmire the beauty of the Greek countryside.Your tour will begin from "Stathmos Larissis", the fabulous central railway station of Athens where you will depart to Kalambaka from. Throughout your train journey, indulge in the unique scenic routes that the Greek countryside provides. At about 1:30PM, you will arrive at your destination, the railway station of Kalambaka.There, you will meet our guide who will be holding a signboard with the company's name on it. From here your tour to the Meteora Monasteries is going to begin. You can admire the amazing christian architecture, and discover how monasteries have been influenced over time, having existed for over 700 years.After 3.5 hours of exploration, your tour will come to an end and you will be driven back to train station where you will catch your train back to Athens departing at 5:30PM.
14 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Full-Day Meteora Photography Tour from Athens

Discover the photographic highlights of Meteora's rocks, accompanied by a professional photographer. Learn the tips and techniques of landscape photography on this guided, private tour. You and up to 4 friends or family members, using your own cameras, will learn practical tips from a professional photographer guide, capturing the details that many amateurs miss. See the famous sunset at Meteora from an entirely new perspective and get creative pictures from the monasteries. Tickets for your train ride from Athens to Meteora and back are included.
1 day
Tours & Sightseeing

Meteora Professional Photo Shooting

You have the opportunity to pose like a model at Meteora, one of the most beautiful places in Greece. You will get to see the best viewpoints in the area, while a professional, experienced photographer will make you shine like a model! At the end, we will give you all photos and even edit 20 of your best ones!
2 hours