Top things to do in Kastellorizo

Top Choice Taverna in Kastellorizo Village


With bouzouki music and salt breeze wafting over its thyme-topped tables, the friendliest of Kastellorizo’s quayside restaurants also serves the best food. Everything from the squid-ink risotto and calamari stuffed …
Bar in Kastellorizo Village

Faros Bar

Occupying an enviable location in the former lighthouse, beyond the ferry jetty and beside the mosque, this bar offers a wonderful opportunity to swim in turquoise shallows before taking breakfast and drinking in wi…
Grill in Kastellorizo Village


One of the cheapest places to grab a bite, come evening the little square by the old market in which it sits, is effervescent with commerce. Meats are very tasty, just as the staff are friendly. The gyros (slithers …
Greek in Kastellorizo Village


This central waterfront restaurant is great for seafood – grilled octopus, lobster spaghetti, baby shrimp, grouper and succulent calamari – and also has grilled meat dishes. Eat under the vine canopy, or better stil…
Cafe in Kastellorizo Village

Radio Cafe

This cool high-ceilinged cafe close to the jetty, has art-spattered walls and antique radios, outside tables and both Greek- and English-style breakfasts – from yoghurt with honey and fruit salad, to fried eggs and …
Cocktail Bar in Kastellorizo Village

Stratos cafe

This lively wharf cafe, swimming in cool tunes, has faux industrial piping, exposed stone walls and a handsome wooden bar where they make great coffees and cocktails. Popular with a young crowd, it's a stylish spot …
Museum in Kastellorizo Village

Knights of St John Castle

At the top of the hill, a rickety stairway leads to the ruins of the Knights of St John Castle, which gave the island its name – thanks to the red cliff on which it stood, this was the ‘Castello Rosso’. It offers sp…
Museum in Kastellorizo Village

Archaeological Museum

Holds an assortment of ancient finds, costumes and photos as well as a documentary about Kastellorizo as told by the islanders.
Museum in Kastellorizo Village

Megisti Museum

In a former mosque near the ferry jetty, this museum devotes itself largely to display panels telling the island’s story.