So close to the Turkish coast – Kaş is just 2km away – that you can almost taste the East, the tiny, far-flung island of Kastellorizo is insanely pretty. Sailing into its one village (of the same name), past the ruined castle, minaret and pastel-painted neoclassical houses huddled around the turquoise bay, is soul enriching, and reminds a little of Symi without the super yachts and swank. 'Megisti', as Kastellorizo was once called (meaning 'great'), is the largest of a small archipelago, and despite being less than 10 sq km, enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other Greek island and boasts the most dramatic blue cave in the Med. And while it may lack powder-fine beaches, there are floating platforms and satellite idylls you can reach by boat.

Arid Kastellorizo is not easy to reach, but rewards with beauty, tranquillity and locals who welcome your custom.